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Working At Height Training

Duration: 2 Days Course ( 9.00am - 5.00pm )

Course introduction

This is a 2-day program specially designed for participants who is working at height. The program is aimed at helping participants understand the hazard and risk working at height and how to prevent from falling accident. Working at height has been an issue due to highest number of accident. According to SOCSO 2007 reports in “Person falling” there are 13417 reported cases with 228 reported fatalities. Knowledge, skill and attitude are very important in order to prevent falling accident with the used of proper safety hardness.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the hazards of working at height.
  • Recognized the risk on working at height.
  • Understand the working at height requirements and guideline.
  • Able to manage risk control to prevent fall.
  • Differentiate between working at height below and above 2 meters.
  • Able to understanding the technique of putting safety hardness.


  • Emergency Response Team members
  • Employees who working at height
  • Managers/ Executives, Safety and Health Officers
  • OSH Practitioners, Safety and Health Committee Members
  • Supervisors and all levels of workers


Theory Session

  • Dynamic & highly engaging presentation
  • Interactive and fun
  • Attention-grabbing audio-visual aids, real scene photographs, video clips, multimedia presentation

Practical session

  • Hands-on experience
  • Participant centered


Participants are required to sit for theory and practical assessment, which includes multiple-choice questions and skill demonstrations


Having completed and passed the course, participants will be awarded with Certificate of Training. Without retraining, knowledge might be forgotten while skills may deteriorate rapidly when not being used / practiced. Therefore, yearly retraining is very much recommended.

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